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    Orukpa comprises a team of talented individuals. Together, they designed a patent-pending, multiple-output solar/water generator, and radiant heater. It is not enough to create only an efficient system; it must also be affordable. While solar systems have become more common in recent years, their costs remain enormous. The high cost of solar systems is attributable to the expensive solar cells used in the production of solar panels. Orukpa solves this problem with its proprietary method that uses heat recycling to conserve energy and increase efficiency while using cells that are just a fraction of the size of regular solar cells.

  • How it Works

  • Our E2-O Generator

    The E2-O is a multiple output generator. It produces electricity by concentrating solar light onto photovoltaic cells while using the generated heat, processed through thermoelectric radiator plates, to generate electricity. It uses a combination of multiple cycle solar generator, heat exchanger, and bi-directional heat processing components.

  • Why is E2-O Unique?

    Technology that changes lives

    Compact Design: Has a square design as opposed to a round design, making it compact, portable and mobile.


    Low Cost: Costs just a fraction of the cost of a traditional solar generator.


    Efficiency: Uses a solar cell that is a fraction of the size of a regular solar cell, but generates about three times as much power.


    Smart System: Powered by a proprietary Artificial Intelligence Analytics software


    DIY Installation: Does not require hiring an expensive solar installer.


    Multiple Output : True Multiple Output Generator. Generates electricity, heat and water.

    A True Multiple Output Solar Generator

    Electricity: E2-O processes solar energy in multiple cycles, extracting heat energy through photovoltaic cells, and converting to electricity.


    Heat: Heat generation is achieved by reversing the polarity of thermoelectric modules. The focused energy produces heat, which is then extracted through heat exchangers and made available for heating, and or storage.


    Water (Dew Harvesting): Dew and water harvesting is accomplished after the sun sets or if the dish is selectively turned away from the sun. E2-O also uses large radiator plates in the back of the dish alongside a metal assembly for harvesting dew at night or when stored electricity energizes the thermoelectric modules within the heat exchangers.

  • Mission

    We aim to create a product that is very affordable and efficient, through clean and renewable methods.


    Three words capture our mission






  • Meet Our Team

    Joe Obeto

    Co-Inventor & Co-Founder

    AB Mobasher

    Co-Inventor & Co-Founder

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